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Essence of natural ingredients!


Chemical affinity of the molecules make them special & multi-functional and it provides the best solution for your applications.


Ingredients with ability to have positive biological effects on cells are nutritional and therapeutic thus preferred as first choice.


We strongly believe that a satisfied customer is the best strategy of all. We deliver our values with strong commitment & compassion keeping our customer above all interests. Our strength lies in the relation based association, the blend of our technical expertise and global network makes us league apart.

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We are located at heart of the country Nagpur hence logistically well connected. We promise to serve our customers with prompt delivery, ethical & transparent practices.


Quality is of prime importance to us and we take care of it on priority. Our expertise and long term vision allow us to provide quality with passion, commitment and consistency.


We believe every formulation is unique and its essence lies with the active ingredients. We focus in getting the right ingredient for need based solutions to meet our customers requirements.

Shelf Life Solution

Oxidation is a reaction that takes place when free radicals present in environment attack on products containing fat or pigments. If pigments oxidize, they change color completely and if fats oxidize they produce “off” odors and flavors. It’s important to protect products from environmental damage and to keep them in their original state for longer time.

We provide solutions for oxidation naturally.  Our range of Natural antioxidants efficiently fight with free radicals, prevent rancidity, protect natural aroma & taste thus enhance shelf life of the products. Apart from increasing shelf life, these natural antioxidants are very healthy. They are extracted from natural source, safe for use and provide clean labeling.


Aging is a natural process during which collagen production slows down, weakening the internal support structure and natural protection barrier of the skin. Skin further damages combined with pollution, stress which can cause the signs of aging to appear prematurely.

Our range of anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants and phospholipids are natural molecules get absorbed by the skin deep and nourish internally. They protect skin from oxidation and prevent aging problems like wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation, dullness etc. These ingredients have ability to strengthen our cells internally making them look younger looking and healthy. A small dosage of these ingredients is more than enough to execute benefits.

Emulsion: Water & Oil Balance

Oil and water do not mix together because they have distinct structures, densities and even dissimilar polarities. The biggest challenge in the industry is to mix these two different ingredients to form an emulsion and stabilize the final product.  It’s important to choose emulsifier as per the application, water-in-oil emulsions (w/o) require low HLB surfactants and oil-in-water (o/w) emulsions often require higher HLB surfactants.

Our range of emulsifiers has efficiency to hold oil & water together providing homogeneous solution thus prevent layer separation and stabilizing the formulation. Stating from liquid to powder, these emulsifiers are instant, easy to use and can give advantage over synthetic additives.

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Our range of natural products are suitable for multiple segments .

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As our tagline goes “From Nature To Wellness” we have been serving the industry globally with an unmatched range of natural ingredients which are good for health and wellness.